Dropbox will save your head

Recently My Mac OSX has been crashed and I cannot retrieve some of my data from hard drive. Fortunately I have already synced important folders to the Dropbox that saves my head.

Few days ago, I saw the tweet from popular GitHub contributor tj (Creator of ExpressJs, Jade, Mocha)

I am really sad about it. It can happen to anyone. So, whenever you started working on project(Pre-Github), You should consider sync to the Dropbox. Moreover it is always better and safer to sync important folder and files. It can be simply done by creating symbolic link to the folder in the Dropbox.

Open terminal and do the following

## Go to dropbox folder. It can be any dropbox folder
cd ~/Dropbox/MacOSX

# Create symbolic link to Stickies database
ln -sf ~/Library/StickiesDatabase .

# Create symbolic link to Sublime text User data
ln -sf ~/Library/Application\ Support/Sublime\ Text\ 3/Packages/User Sublime3-User

In symbolic link creation, you can use .(dot) in the last argument to use same folder or file name as original. Otherwise you can specify the name that you wanted to have in your Dropbox.

Have a nice day.

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